Band Members

Barna Marthy - vocals, acoustic guitar 

Péter Kovács  - lead guitar 

Csaba Bese - bass 

Zsolt László Kiss - drums

Zen Punk (WTF?)

It has always  been a paradox to live up to rock and roll. So many idols, so few real examples to live by. So much entertainment accompanied by so much self destruction. Nevertheless, entertainment does not mean shallow and depth does not mean abstract. We all live in music one way or another. Marthy Dharma came into being to get a good view on seeing things as they are, perhaps help you take a better look at what you really are doing in this life. Only now. And then the next moment, and the next. Why zen punk? No need to elaborate. Too much explanation is definitely not zen. Becoming one. Becoming present. And while doing that, why not have a good time and help others have a good time too, helping others. To get your spirits high (and low). Just listen. Right now is the plugin to eternety.

Zen Punk

Gets Your Spirits High (and Low)